You Look Nice Today Starter Pack

To acquaint yourself (or a special friend) with You Look Nice Today, we invite you to download and enjoy six of our favorite episodes.

Welcome to this annotated introduction to You Look Nice Today, A Journal of Emotional Hygiene. 

To acquaint yourself (or a special friend) with our program, we invite you to download and enjoy six of our favorite episodes:

DOWNLOAD: “You Look Nice Today Starter Pack” (127 MB zip file)

This officially-sanctioned Starter Pack includes: "Sacks-Minnelli Disease," "Truck Spank," "The Tux Age," "OPN♥WDE,"  "Expressed as a Vest," and "The Good Part"  

Also, please do feel free to explore further into the YLNT franchise by browsing the links below and by subscribing to our program for free via RSS or iTunes. New episodes of the program are posted on the second of each month.

It's a start.

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"Sacks-Minnelli Disease"  

Sacks-Minnelli Disease | You Look Nice Today on Huffduffer

Dancing The Fishstick; shaving your head for Dennis; rueful fannypacking; working on your Standing O face; and raising awareness about a scourge of a disease.

Five More of the Best

"Truck Spank"  

Truck Spank | You Look Nice Today on Huffduffer

So sorry!; doin’ the Skokie; What’s your latte name?; and a Gaelic take on feminine hygiene.

"The Tux Age"  

The Tux Age | You Look Nice Today on Huffduffer

Baby Butlers; retroplagiarism; what Joe knows; and the true origins of the Industrial Revolution.


OPN♥WDE | You Look Nice Today on Huffduffer

Custom license plates; Adam envies Indian vests; problems on the road; and the fella' with the skin problem.

"Expressed as a Vest"  

Expressed as a Vest | You Look Nice Today on Huffduffer

Smoking for the cure; discrimination against mouthbreathers; obscure chess moves; and a visit from Karl Van Hœt. X…X…X…X….

"The Good Part"  

The Good Part | You Look Nice Today on Huffduffer; searching for Phil Collins; high school hypnosis; and our charitable plan for drinking in a toilet.

For Advanced Study 

  • "Tang Tangs"        The parenting of negligence; things you didn’t know about gas stations; and an ambitious plan for transforming Dubai. 
  • "Vachina"        Re-imagining higher education; Marco Polo Yelps; educating with dysentery; Adam tries something new; and Merlin's a runner-up to some lady from Belize.
  • "Schadenfunny"        Scott learns about speed embalming; Adam goes to Rock ‘n Roll Space Camp; on being tempted; plus, a fancy corporate lawyer who might be a chicken.

Beloved Sleeper Episodes

  • "Man School"       Techniques in Silent Disdain; why stereotype when you can monotype?; the robot/cameltoe axis; and changing Dad's 9-volt battery. 
  • "Nary a Dude"       New sheriff in town; meet Clarence the Barber; join The Fleet; and taking your balls on walkabout. Time was.
  • "Rampant on a Field"      Down and out in Mongolia; designing a coat of arms; Scott defends his wife; and Adam's guac attack. 

Best Live Episodes

Many thanks to The Fun Bunch for helping curate and compile this collection. We Fishstick in your honor.