Merlin’s Playlists

Sometimes I make playlists, especially for the particularly musical episodes of podcasts I do. I really like making these, so I'll probably do more.

"American Car" (Roderick on the Line)

Music mentioned in Roderick on the Line, Ep. 287: "American Car." Only some of these songs are made of cocaine.

Beatles - The Great Bridges (Do By Friday)

In which I challenge my Do By Friday co-hosts to join me in choosing their favorite bridges (or middle eights) from the sprawling catalog of The Beatles.

New Wave That Still Stands Up (Roderick on the Line)

You know. Like we talked about on Roderick on the Line.

"Made of Cocaine" (Roderick on the Line)

Inspired by various Roderick on the Line discussions regarding the secret ingredient we suspect is behind some of our favorite spooky 70s tunes. A work in progress.

"Merlin's World of Music" (Reconcilable Differences)

Soundtrack for s01e10 of Reconcilable Differences.