Ungainly X-Mann Meetup #24

A Nerdy SF Comics Event with Merlin Mann, hosted by Two Cats Comics in West Portal.

MERLIN MANN (Back to Work, Roderick on the Line, Reconcilable Differences, Do By FridayYou Look Nice Today, et al.) invites you to drop by Two Cats Comics on the evening of Thursday, September 27th to hang out, talk about comics, and just say, “Hi.” It's free and it's fun.

The Titular "X-Mann"

The Titular "X-Mann"

Meet fellow nerds and accept Merlin’s personal guidance to the sections where you can pick-up Hawkeye, Saga, and all his other favorite books. In truth?

Please note that no actual interest or affinity for comics is required to attend. All are welcome!

After-meetup refreshments and adjunct hanging-out will be available at an adjacent watering hole. You are strongly encouraged to buy Merlin a drink.


FREE and open to all!

Thursday, September 27, 2018; 7:30pm–9pm

Two Cats Comics
320 West Portal Ave
San Francisco, Calif.

Limited metered street parking available. Way better: Two Cats is accessible via numerous SF MUNI lines (including, KT, M, L, 17, 23, 48, and more)

Some Comics Merlin Loves