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Q: Got any requests?

Back to Work’s patron, Ryan Stansky, enjoying a rare moment of “L’il Ryan TIme.”

Hiya, nerds. I hope you’re digging these screencasts on creating my new site with Squarespace 6.

There are two up so far (“Quick Intro” and “Content Collections”) that should be useful in introducing this series and in helping explain a little about how to get started and play along with me.

There are several more coming, including a few I hope to have up in the next day or so. Namely:

  • The Basics of Using Blocks
  • Designing with Blocks via the Page Builder
  • Building a Tricked-out “About Me” Page

I hope these will all be fun and handy in helping you get the most of Squarespace 6, but, I’d really love to know what you would like to see here. So:

Got any requests?

Have you seen anything that interests you that you want to know more about? Was anything horribly confusing (where I probably talked way too fast of what-have-you)? Heard about a feature and want to see it in action?

I’ve flipped on Disqus commenting below, so, if the spirit moves you, give me an idea what you’re looking for. If you just have a question, drop that in too. I’ll read them all, and would be happy and honored to answer as many as time allows.

And—let it never go without saying—I really encourage you to sign up for Squarespace 6 account so you can try all this stuff out with me. New accounts get a 14-day free trial, and when you’re ready to buy a full account, you’ll get an extra 10% off any purchase by using the special Back to Work offer code, “soold”.[1]

Dan and I are really grateful to Squarespace (and, especially, to Li’l Ryan) for sponsoring Back to Work as well as this series. Thanks also to you guys for checking ’em out and for supporting our program.

  1. N.B. That “soold” offer code will work through Friday, August 31st; after September 1, we’ll likely have a new one.  ↩


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